Exquisite Landscape and Cityscape Images of San Francisco and the Sierra

 From Pyramid Lake to Lake Tahoe, Mount Whitney to the Warner Mountains, San Francisco to Fort Ross—and Everything In Between—Patrick Wilkes Photographs Captures the Essence of a Place at a Special Moment in Time


Pyramid Lake Reflections

My photographs have captured the beauty of the Northern Nevada desert and the grandeur of Northern California’s mountains from the Southern Sierra near Lone Pine, Bishop, and Mammoth Lakes to the Warner Mountains near Cedarville. The streets and neighborhoods of San Francisco also offer plenty of opportunities for photographs.

“A humble pile of detritus can glow like a lost treasure. Flowers and plants appear as in a vision.”—Patrick Wilkes

I enjoy taking photos of the vistas least viewed. There are multitudes of great shots of various famous scenes. But I like to travel and hike to vantage points that provide a unique perspective to familiar subjects and fresh photos of areas seldom seen.

The lighting is, of course, important. At particular times of the day, a humble pile of detritus can glow like a lost treasure. Flowers and plants appear as in a vision. Valleys and mountains reveal their glory.

Unless a client specifically requests it, when taking landscape or cityscape photos, I don’t believe in enhancements by Photoshop or other similar programs. If the original image is not right, it doesn’t make the cut.

Coit Tower at Night

Ultimately my goal is to inspire others to get out there and see for themselves—whether in the wilderness or in a municipal area. Beauty is there, no matter where you look.

I invite you to view the landscapes and the cityscapes in my online Vistas gallery.

Whether you’re an interior decorator searching for the perfect photograph to adorn a client’s walls, a magazine photo editor in need of a shot to illustrate an article or advertisement, or anyone who enjoys hanging superb artwork on your walls, contact me at 775-560-9453 or patrick@patrickwilkesphotographs.com.

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